More than a Third of Line 2 Is Laid

More than a Third of Line 2 Is Laid

21 lipca 2011

Over a third of Line 2 of the Nord Stream Pipeline system has now been laid. About 420 kilometres of Line 2 have been constructed. Currently, both the Castoro Sei and the Solitaire are working on sections of Line 2. Line 1 is complete and will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The construction of the landfall facilities in Portovaya Bay, Russia are also on schedule. Construction of landfall facilities for both pipelines were completed in June. Pressure testing of Line 1 was also completed during that time. The main scope of work on Nord Stream's Russian section consisting of the 1.5 kilometre dry part and 124 kilometre offshore part has therefore been finalised.

Onshore facilities located 1.5 km from the shoreline include pipeline inspection gauge traps, as well as isolation and emergency shutdown valves. Installation of this equipment was completed in June. Currently, assembling of telemetry and automation systems is ongoing. In summer, the gas-in equipment required for the commissioning stage of Line 1 will be installed.

Pressure Testing Successfully Completed

During the operational phase gas pressure at the start of the pipelines will be as high as 220 bar, which requires the use of steel pipes with a maximum wall thickness of 41 millimetres. To guarantee that the pipeline can withstand such operational pressure, the two pipelines of the dry part were pressure tested to confirm their integrity and safety. The pipelines were filled with water and pressurised beyond the planned maximum operating pressure by 25 percent for a minimum of 24 hours. The pressure tests have been successfully completed and both sections will now be dried and filled with nitrogen to prepare for gas-in.

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