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Secure Energy for Europe

Nord Stream's twin pipeline system has the capacity to transport up to 55 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Russia to Europe through the Baltic Sea.

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Monitoring the Flow of Gas

Nord Stream is a pipeline operator that provides safe and reliable gas transportation capacity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Respect for the Environment

Nord Stream's pipelines are operated with the same concern for the ecosystem that guided their construction. Monitoring is ongoing.

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How the Pipelines Were Made

In just 2 years (2010-2012), and 23.5 million working hours, about 200,000 pipes were expertly welded and laid on the Baltic seabed.

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Our History

The Nord Stream story

Our story is unique. And as with all stories, it involves people. They tell our tale – from planning to operations – in their words in our book, which we invite you to download.

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The project in pictures

The Nord Stream project was a major feat of planning and engineering, and every step of the process was documented. Our image gallery will give you an inside view.

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