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Arrival of the Inline Inspection Tool in Lubmin

The intelligent Inline Inspection Tool is removed from the pipeline in Lubmin, Germany. It was inserted into the PIG trap at the start of the pipelines in Portovaya, Russia, and launched into the pipelines. The internal inspection tool is designed to detect any sign of corrosion, the internal dimensions of the pipeline, its precise position, size and coordinates, and the exact run of the pipelines curves.


Nord Stream AG


Sept. 26, 2013


File Type Resolution File Size Image Size Colorspace
JPG 300 dpi 22.9 MB 4000 px × 2809 px CMYK Download
JPG 300 dpi 7.3 MB 4000 px × 2809 px RGB Download
JPG 72 dpi 1.2 MB 1400 px × 983 px RGB Download

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