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DIF Data Use Conditions

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DIF Data Use Conditions

Use of the Dataset (defined below) is subject to the terms and conditions set out in this document (the “Conditions”). The Data User (defined below) agrees to be bound by the Conditions by checking the relevant box when registering for access to the data catalogue and when requesting access to a Dataset. By not agreeing to the Conditions, the Data User is not authorised to access the data catalogue and Datasets.


Dataset Smallest entity of digital data and its accompanying Metadata. Each Dataset has a unique ID (Dataset Identifier) and is listed in the searchable catalogue.
Data User Individual who is granted access to a Dataset, including his or her immediate collaboration sphere, defined here as the institutions, partners, students and staff with whom the Data User directly collaborates.
DIF  The Data and Information Fund, made available by Nord Stream AG.
DIF Contact Party designated as the primary contact for the Dataset and other DIF related matters in Nord Stream AG, to be reached via dif@nord-stream.com.

Metadata document data and contain relevant information about the content of the Dataset, its location and collection time, and its original purpose.

Conditions of Use

The use of data has the potential to greatly increase communication, collaboration and synthesis within and among disciplines, and to improve the scientific foundations for conservation, and thus is fostered, supported and encouraged by the DIF.  Nord Stream AG grants to the Data User a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use a Dataset, subject to the following terms:

 1. Acceptable use. The Data User agrees to restrict the use of the Dataset to academic, research, educational, and governmental purposes. The Data User can produce and distribute derived works from this Dataset if those derivatives are released under the same license terms as those accompanying this Dataset. Any other uses for the Dataset or its derived products require prior explicit written permission from Nord Stream AG (additional conditions may apply).

 2. Redistribution.  The Data User ensures that any redistributed Dataset is subject to acceptance of the Conditions. The Data User will not redistribute the Dataset without its Metadata or beyond his or her immediate collaboration sphere.

 3. Authorship. The Dataset is licensed in the spirit of open scientific collaboration. The Data User agrees to notify the DIF Contact prior to use of the data, and to provide an explanation of how the Dataset is going to be used.

 4. Citation. The Data User agrees to properly cite the Dataset, including the Dataset Identifier, in any publication or in the Metadata of any derived data product that is produced using the Dataset.

 5. Acknowledgment. The Data User agrees to include an acknowledgment in any publication to which content the Dataset contributed: "Data in this publication were provided by the Nord Stream Data and Information Fund (DIF)."

 6. Notification. The Data User will upload or link to an electronic version and register the citations to all publications and derivative works based on or derived from the Dataset at the DIF portal https://www.nord-stream.com/environment/dif or, if the registry is not available, by sending an email message containing the complete citation to the DIF Contact. In addition, the Data User will notify the DIF Contact promptly when any derivative work or publication based on or derived from the Dataset is distributed. The Data User will provide the DIF Contact with two prints of any publication resulting from use of the Dataset.

The Data User must send all correspondence to the DIF Contact. The Data User agrees to comply with the Conditions. Nord Stream AG has the right to terminate the data use agreement immediately by written notice upon the Data User's breach of any of the Conditions. The Data User may be held responsible for any damage that is caused or encouraged by the Data User's failure to comply with the Conditions.

These Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, excluding its conflict of law rules, and in the event of any dispute relating to the DIF the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Zurich, Switzerland.

Disclaimer and liability

Nord Stream AG has full ownership of the data collected in the DIF. Data and Metadata are made available with reasonable care, but without any warranty. Data and Metadata are derived from Nord Stream AG monitoring, including field observations, collections, laboratory analysis, or post-processing of existing data between 2005 and 2012. Their accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose (e.g. use in operational or decision-making settings) cannot be guaranteed. Nord Stream AG is not liable for the content of DIF Datasets and related services. The Data User holds Nord Stream AG and other parties involved in the production or distribution of a Dataset harmless against any third party claim in connection with his use of the Dataset.