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Gas transmission via Nord Stream Pipeline resumed after completion of annual maintenance works

  • All planned maintenance works on the gas pipelines completed on time
  • Full pipeline capacity available for gas transport

July 26, 2020 | Zug, Switzerland | Nord Stream AG has successfully completed all planned maintenance works on its twin gas pipelines within the scheduled period. After the temporary shutdown of the pipeline system, gas transmission resumed on 26 July 2020 and the full capacity of both lines is available again to fulfil all transport nominations.

“For the eighth consecutive year, Nord Stream planned the annual shutdown thoroughly to ensure the efficient inspection and maintenance of the pipeline system, which is a key element of our long-term Pipeline Integrity Management Strategy,” said Taeke Keja, Maintenance Director of Nord Stream AG, adding: “Our operations and maintenance teams and our contractors have carried out these planned activities safely and on time, with all necessary precautions and protection measures against COVID-19, and contributed to a reliable, safe, and efficient gas supply to the European market.”

The schedule for the maintenance activities has been closely coordinated with Nord Stream’s upstream and downstream partners and appropriately disclosed in compliance with Regulation (EU) Nr.1227/2011 (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency – REMIT).

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