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Nord Stream AG Rejects Speculations on Cooperation with Nuclear Power Cable Project

Sept. 25, 2009 | Zug | There have been media reports speculating about a possible combination of a nuclear power cable project with the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline project. Nord Stream AG has no plans whatsoever to combine a power cable project with the Nord Stream project. It is not part of the advanced permitting process.

We have no contact with parties who might be considering such a cable project. Such an idea is purely speculative and in no way connected with the Nord Stream project. We are at an advanced planning stage and on schedule to start construction in 2010. Nord Stream has not been aware of any such plans or ideas by others and is not in the position to comment further on them.

The evaluations for the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline project and negotiations with the respective national authorities have been going on for some years now. They centered exclusively around a gas pipeline, a combination with a power cable project therefore can be excluded.

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