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Port of Slite, Gotland to become a logistics centre for the construction of Nord Stream

July 13, 2007 | Zug | Nord Stream and Gotland’s Community are discussing improvements to the Port of Slite, which Nord Stream proposes using as a logistics base for its pipeline project. The idea is that Slite could become a ferry port when work on the pipeline is finished.

Dirk von Ameln, Deputy Technical Director of Nord Stream says: “For Nord Stream, use of the Port of Slite would mean both economic and environmental advantages. The location of the port ensures minimal transportation distances, reducing environmental impacts and shortening the process of laying the pipeline on the seabed.” .

Upgrading the Port of Slite would bring jobs to Gotland. Nord Stream estimates using Slite as a logistics base would mean approximately 80 jobs for at least 20 months during construction, of which 55 could be filled locally in Gotland.

In addition to the temporary positive effects during the construction of the pipeline, the investments will also bring long-term advantages for Gotland. The improvements of Slite will establish a second ferry port for bringing visitors to the island. In the course of the project, the investments in and the operation of the port and the stock yard will bring additional employment gains.

“At Nord Stream, we are very pleased to propose investments that would be beneficial for Gotland. Apart from the jobs created during the construction phase, the improvements to the Port of Slite will establish a new ferry port that will have lasting benefits for business and tourism in Gotland”, says Dirk von Ameln.

Nord Stream looks forward to concluding constructive discussions with the Gotland Community regarding the Slite. The suggested investments would provide convenient storage, harbour and transportation facilities needed.

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