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Nord Stream AG to Support the Sailing Leagues of Northern European Countries and Russia

March 22, 2017 | Zug | In 2017, Nord Stream AG will extend its support to the sport of sailing. Apart from the regular Baltic offshore Nord Stream Race, the company has joined forces with the national sailing leagues of the Northern European countries and Russia.

Sponsored by Nord Stream AG and Gazprom and in cooperation with the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, the Nord Stream Race has been held annually since 2012. Initially, the regatta connected Russia and Germany, with the route following the Nord Stream Pipeline after which the competition was named.

In the 2017 season, the Nord Stream Race route will expand to include more countries in Northern Europe. Starting in Kiel and finishing in St. Petersburg, the regatta fleet will visit Denmark, Sweden and Finland along its way.

The countries for the race stopovers have been chosen for reason. The winners of the national sailing leagues of those countries will form five teams that are to compete in the Nord Stream Race. The new participation path will tighten the race’s connection to Europe and enhance the Nord Stream AG cooperation with the Northern European countries, as the company is to become the national leagues’ partner as well.

The national sailing leagues’ calendar starts in March and lasts until November 2017. Each of the five countries has more than twenty teams competing in the leagues regularly to win the title of the best yacht club. First to hit the water in the new season is the Russian sailing league with an opening event on March 23 in Sochi.

“Nord Stream AG extends its support to the race this year. We are glad to promote this sport event in the Baltic region,” said Alexey Zagorovskiy, Nord Stream AG Managing Director.

The start of Nord Stream Race 2017 is scheduled for August in Germany, and the arrival of yachts in Saint Petersburg is expected in September. The regatta will stop over in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

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